"Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. No fee for service payments. No third party billing. The defining element of DPC is an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and their primary care provider."



Empowered Mind and Body LLC is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic. This model differs from the traditional healthcare model in that there is no third party billing or fee-for-service payments. In other words, there is no insurance involvement or middleman, which means we can offer high-quality care at a cost that is much lower to you.

For an affordable monthly membership fee, you'll get unlimited visits, basic lab work and, best of all, TIME with your provider to discuss your concerns.


The DPC model provides a better patient experience, decreases the cost of healthcare and improves health outcomes. We are transparent with the care we provide and the cost of our services. No surprises here! Which is a win-win for everyone, especially our patients.