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What's the deal with all this talk about eating more plants?

Did you know that according to the Institute of Medicine, the adequate intake of fiber per day is 14 grams per 1000 calories eaten? Did you also know that the current daily recommendations for fiber intake are at least 38 grams for men and at least 25 grams for women? If you already knew this, maybe this particular post isn't for you. But I'm willing to bet that the majority of you reading this didn't know this. In which case, keep reading. We have a lot to talk about : )

The reality is, the standard American diet that most of us are eating only contains 12-18 grams of fiber per day. And I'd argue that based on my conversations with patients and clients, as well as friends and family, that many of us are eating even less than that. And our health is suffering because of it.

Which is why this conversation about eating more plants is that important. We're all different and the lives we live are different. And because we're all different, there isn't one right nutrition plan or way of eating for everyone. Even so, we DO know that everyone can eat more plants and reap the benefits, no matter what plan works the best for you and your life. Because more plants equal more fiber and we've talked before about the importance of fiber for our gut health, which plays a big role in our overall health.

Not only should we be eating more plants, we should also focus on eating less processed foods, sugar and animal based products in general. And now I've turned you off because what you're hearing is that you have to restrict certain foods or give them them. But that's not what I'm suggesting. That's right. Go back and read that first line again. I'm suggesting we work on eating LESS of the things that aren't making us feel or function our best (newsflash, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself, these things aren't making you feel good), and MORE of the things that do make us feel good and improve our overall health.

So what does eating more plants actually mean and where do you start? Well, I can tell you that in the beginning I know it can feel like a lot to take in. Trust me, it's taken me several years to get here, eating a more plant based diet. But eating more plants or following a plant forward based eating plan really doesn't have to be overwhelming, stressful or complicated. And it definitely doesn't mean we expect you to completely change the way you eat overnight. For most of us, this is a gradual change or shift that happens over time, starting with making a few small substitutes or changes daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.

But it IS possible. And trust me when I say that when it comes to feeling our best, inside and out, it really does make a difference.


There's a lot of information out there and it can be confusing and overwhelming at times. Our goal at Empowered Mind and Body is to help answer your questions so that you feel a little less overwhelmed by all of this, address your concerns and try to get to the root cause of what's bothering you. We know that takes time, which is why our approach is different here. We take the time to provide education, tools and resources so that you feel empowered to make the changes you need, so that you can feel and live your very best. And guess what? If we don't get to all of your questions or concerns in 1 visit, we make sure that we schedule another one so that we do. And with our monthly membership plan, you're only charged one low monthly fee for all of your visits. Please note that labs and medications are at an additional cost. Ready to get started? Just click on the "Book Now" link and schedule your first appointment! We can't wait to help you get started.

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